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sudden lose of my dad


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November the 15th my grand mother passed away following a stroke and other complications, she tried her best to improve but went to sleep peacefully. On the 25th November it was my sons 2nd birthday and also the day of my grandmothers funeral. She has a lovely send off with alot of people at the funeral. Myself, my partner and son went home early to celebrate his birthday. At 830pm I recieved a phone call to go to a pub where my parents, brother and sister in law and some family friends had gone fora meal.

On arrival my dad was dead on the fall, he had no out put and was black from the neck up. The paramedics were trying to remove the item of food my dad had chokd on. They worked so hard and managed to bring him back, he had a pulse and had started breathing again.

On arrival to the hospital dad was taken into resus and was put on a ventilator and sedated, he underwent lots of investigations and was taken to intensive care unit, we stayed with him. 26th November the doctors spoke to us and said that his bloods where deranged and if they could change the results from different treatment it didnt look hopeful, we stayed with him again.

By the morning dads bloods had improved, they tried to reduce the sedation but dad started to have seizures. They tried this for the next two days but he carried on having these seizures. Thursday 28th, dad had a EEG and a bronchscopy. The results werent good. The EEG showd that there was either a catarophric brain injury or he was having continual seizures,so they planned to loads him with anti-epilepticmedication til the monday and then repeat the EEG. The Bronchscopy showed considerable damage to his lungs. He required 100% oxygen and was on antibiotics for a chest infection.

That evening i noticed that he wasnt weeing much. Thefollowing morning we returned to the hospital, and i knew this was it, dads heart had gone into AF, his kidney had stopped working and he was maintaining his saturation on 100% oxygen. i knew he was in multtiple organ failure. The consultant spoke to us and mum decided to turn the machines off.

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I am so very sorry about this horrible ordeal with your father. How horrible for you and your family that this tragedy happened during another precious family loss. How is everyone doing? How is your mother? Are you all talking and supportive of each other?

We will be here for you,


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