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I am having a challenging time with a specific person in my life right now. Amidst all my preparation for Christmas I need to deal with this person who it feels wants to drag me down as low as he is feeling! I have been trying to focus on all the amazing support and love I have been receiving from my special friends here on this page (thank you again). I have been trying to not take it personally, to just feel sorry for him and the pain he is feeling but today it got the better of me and alone in the house, I just started crying. "Why is he being so mean to me Lily?!" I heard myself call out.

I opened up my scrunched up eyes and started giggling giddily – Lily sparkles all around me, a profound feeling of warmth and love embracing me in the most unconditional, joyous of ways. "Focus on us!" I heard as clear as day, "He just doesn't know any better."

"Focus on us" was my message. Focus on Lily, on the angels, on Higher Beings, on all my loved ones in spirit who are guiding me on this wonderful adventure I am on.

I think this is good advice for all of us. We are all divine beings on our own unique, heroic missions here on earth. We have powerful, radiant beings of light guiding each and every one of us to live our highest fulfillment while we are here.

If you find yourself grieving the loss of a loved one, it is your time now to explore your own divinity, your own spirituality, your own heroism; and what blessings you will find here, in good time. Lots of love, Erica

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