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Two years ago I had an amazing experience which I have been delaying writing about as it is so "out there" that if it hadn't happened to me, I would struggle to believe it too!

I was putting Summer to bed. I lay down next to her on my stomach and draped my arm around her, exhausted from life. She took a little while to nod off and while I was waiting I found myself getting more and more sleepy, more and more relaxed. I had had some kind of struggle of late, seems to be a pattern for me doesn't it!, and was taking a lovely little rest here with my precious girl.

Then, alone in the room apart from my sleeping daughter, I felt something that I will never forget. I felt a large hand start stroking my hair, from the top of my head to mid way down my back to the length of my long hair. I knew this hand was far too big to be my little Lily's. It almost felt like a man's hand. I wasn't scared. I just lay there as still as could be. Did I just imagine that? I waited, then I felt it again - another stroke of my hair. I knew I didn't need to be scared because this being obviously wanted to soothe me. It kept happening over and over. I lay still, stunned and awed at what I was experiencing! It must be my grandmother I thought.

A little while later I had a reading from the a spiritual teacher who I find very trustworthy. She told me that it had actually been my guardian angel that night soothing my soul and that we all have an angel who is designated to us from birth till death who is always with us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our angels are continuously trying to reassure us and to pass on messages of comfort and guidance to us. The tricky part is breaking free of the conditioning that says we have to see something for it to be real. The tricky part is having faith. But once you do, you will open a door to beautiful insights and the reality that even if we are feeling lonely and all by ourselves, there is someone beautiful by our sides and we are never left alone.

“SOOTHE YOUR SOUL FROM GRIEF” by Erica Farrimond is available today for the special price of 0.99c. Here is the link! Enjoy! xoxhttp://www.amazon.com/Soothe-your-soul-grief-inspiration-ebook/dp/B00GG630KE

Remember that you do not need an ereader to read the ebook. You can just download it from amazon and read it directly from your computer or ipad.

Lots of love and brightest blessings to you, Erica

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