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Dad passed over 3 weeks ago!


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I know it's early days but need to know if anyone went through the same thing as I'm doing?

I know deep inside the answer will be 'YES' but still need to ask this.

I go sleep at night but wake throughout the night, at first I would hear dad shouting or I would wake thinking I've slept through dad shouting me for help and I go to jump out of bed and then it hits me he is no longer here.

Since the funeral, I'm waking up in a panic thinking I have left dad behind and need to go to him and then it hits me again that he is no longer here.

My mind is racing throughout the night and can't sleep well at all.

I moved in with dad and cared for him for three months when he took ill. I didn't leave his side apart from when he went into hospital and then I stayed all night until 9pm every day.

I know it's time and now it's all over, I'm on my own and can't stop thinking about him.

Is there anything I can do to stop these dreams and waking up at night thinking he is still alive? It is so painful....

Love and peace to you all.

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Catttt, What you are experiencing is completely normal. Lots of people have insomnia and nightmares during grieving. While I am certainly no expert, I have heard others say it's a way for your brain to deal with the trauma of the situation. A few things you can try is to make sure you are not drinking caffeine and you are getting plenty of water and exercise. Also, make sure you are not watching television or playing on the computer an hour before bed time. While all of those things sound ridiculously simple, they really do help some. I am very sorry about the loss of your father. We will be here for you. ModKonnie

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