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New to grief (2 horrid months)


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I'm very new to this and my grief only began to show itself on Sunday this week.

My mum died suddenly, and currently with no explanation, on 7th August 2013.

I have managed so far to remain strong and had only had a few days following the death and maybe 3 times since then that I have shown any emotion regarding this.

I don't think about it too much, and I am reluctant to start as I can't comprehend how much I miss her. We didn't have the most loving of relationships, but we spoke every day, and never ended the day on an argument or without telling each other 'I love you'. I rang her everyday as I was leaving the office. And I can't do that now.

Two weeks ago, my mum's (and our family cat of 19 years) cat was purposely killed by some youths with a dog in the local area. The police have taken this very seriously and I have been approached by the local news a few times regarding the incident. They've made an arrest this week, which has high lighted the disgusting incident even more.

Last week on Thursday/Friday, my dad's dog died suddenly after falling when jumping into the car at the vets (of all places) following a routine check up and then on Saturday night, my bunny died after massive kidney failure.

On Sunday, following the death of Bugs bunny, whose death is the only one of the four this summer I had actually seen I had an angry fit and lost my temper over a knife I'd dropped on the tablecloth which had beans on it. I started to realise then I may not be dealing well with quite a lot of loss this summer.

I couldn't get myself out of bed on Wednesday morning, after a headache, and called in sick to work (I never have before). I still couldn't bring myself to go to work on Thursday or today and decided I should see my doctor.

He is referring me to a bereavement councillor but that may take a lot of weeks.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband and amazing family and friends, but even with all of their help and support, it has just got too much this week and I feel like I have hit a wall.

If anyone can offer me any advice of where I can start to deal with this I would really appreciate it.

Regards :)

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I am truly sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry I can't add any words to wisdom to help you through this. We each experience and process our grief in our own way. My suggestion is to set aside some time to meditate on you feelings. Allow yourself to grieve.



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