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A poem I wrote about my husband of 31 years who died July 16, 2013.


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Love at first sight is so very true

I know this as it was for me when I first saw you.

We knew each other for more than half our lives

I truly loved you and was so proud to be your wife.

No gentler a person could I have found in this world.

You were such a wonderful dad to our two boys and our little girl.

I am so thankful for each and every day we were together.

So many memories to cherish that are in my now broken heart.

My thoughts were always about you,

Even though sometimes I didn't show it

And I am so sorry you could no longer go to the ocean as you so loved to do.

I wish you didn't have to suffer so much all the time

You were so brave and strong and always so kind.

I love you Michael and I don't want this to be real

I am numb, heart broken, and don't want to be strong

you were my everything, My Endless Love that was our wedding song.

You were an angel on Earth and everyone that was blessed to be part of your life

Truly understood the battles that you always had to face

You are now with my dad, Ray,your grandparents and all the other precious ones that were part of our lives

Your family will carry on as best as we can.

John, Michael, and Diana were blessed to have you as their dad

You always showed them what it meant to be a great father and a strong and kind hearted man.

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That is beautiful and so much of it resonates for me as well. Thank you for sharing and I'm sorry for you loss.

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Thank you Jude. I am so sorry for your loss too. I was blessed to know him since I wa 18 years old. He died from complications of diabetes which he had since age seven. The last several year were tough as he was in and out of the hospital numerous times and I was working full time because of health insurance.

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