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A few thoughts


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Just some thoughts i had on what happens AFTER the funeral is over and the "advice" starts. i suspect most of these will be familiar to most of us, and you all probably have others that i havent heard yet (tho god knows its early days yet)


Don't tell me that i should look ahead

that out there is a new start

when i cant look beyond my feet

and i trip over my broken heart

How dare you say i should LIVE my life

when im now on my own

when you go home to your loved ones

and leave me all alone

Don't tell me that youll "be there"

i don't think you realize

that when i look at you, i can see

the fear thats in your eyes

Don't make promises you cant keep

just to have something to say

im living in this horror story, but

i know that you want to get away

Don't tell me that im strong

Its not like there was a choice to make

but there are promises l have to keep

and ill keep them before i break

Don't try to make it better

or give me back the life i had

there is no way to fix me

and damnit im allowed to be sad

Just sit with me even tho its hard

to watch me break apart

just listen when i want to talk

thats at least a start

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This is so good! Thank you for posting this do you mind if I share it? This is so fitting to what I am dealing with lately and my thoughts...

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Yes, this is very good - and so very true. Thank you for sharing....

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