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I found this site shortly after my mom died two months ago in February.  Losing my mom is nothing like I anticipated.  I am 54 years old and my mom was 91 and even though I began making arrangements for her the day before she passed away, I really thought she would bounce back.  She was always so strong and such a fighter and then she just gave up.  I know she knew how much I loved her but I didn't.  I love her so much; it is overwhelming.  When it gets really bad, I call out for her like a child.  There is something about a mom.  She was there to help me when my dad died.  Now I am the only one left in my family.  Most of the time my faith holds me up but then there are times like right now when I can hardly stand it because I just want her back.  I have lots of trouble concentrating and it is hurting my work.  Today is Sunday but I have to focus on work I am behind on.  I love my job and I am grateful for my job and I hope someday it won't be so hard to function.

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