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New baby after the tragic loss of my son...

Mike's dad

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My twenty year old son was killed in Iraq eight years ago. A truck was coming into the compound and he and his friend went to inspect it. My son shoved the young man he was with to the ground, before he could figure out why the truck exploded and my son was dead. The man inside had a bomb. The other young man lost his arm.

At the funeral I didn't cry, my ex wife and I went to counseling where she admitted she cheated on me for years. (I had already known, I stayed for the kids) we got a divorce. About three years later I met a young girl at work.

She saw the picture of my son on my desk and asked me who he was, I just said my son Mike. Her dad is a general in the army and she wanted to know about my son. I told her he died...

A few weeks later we went on a date and hit it off. We started to get more serious and I went to spend the night. I cried all night talking about my son. She just listened and held me, then she let me fall asleep. I was so embarrassed. When I saw her at work Monday I apologized and said I understood if she didn't want to see me again. She told me she did, that there was nothing to be sorry for.

My two daughters don't like her, my oldest told me she's not invited anywhere with us. My ex's husband (the man she cheated on me with) Is though...

We found out she's pregnant, with a boy. When we found out it was a boy I cried tears of joy, my son was my best friend. I loved him, I'm happy to start over again. Telling my daughters though frightens me. I don't know what to do. I don't want anyone to think I'm replacing my son.

How would you break news like this? I want my son's name to be the new baby's middle name. Do I even mention this to my other two kids?

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Mermaid Tears

Hello Brave Dad....there are so many different layers of issues with your message...and so many on here that can give you support and a hand up with your loss of your son....for the years that have passed does not have much to do when it comes to a parent loving and missing that child. I want to tell you how much we respect the service your son served...in defending our America...there is a special place in our hearts for parents that lost a child serving our country. No one would ever think ...at least on this site...that you would think you could replace your child...the new baby boy is a gift...a wonderful..beautiful gift from Heaven and I am so very happy for you. You and the mother take this child and giggle..play...hug...cherish him. As for your daughters...I am so sorry they have that attitude....but simply tell them you understand and love them and will respect their wishes....but also that they respect your wishes and your new life. Please come back and let us know how things are going.

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