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My Best Friend


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Dad and me were best friends "of course I was his baby girl" "The only child" My father was a good man, served his country and was a wonderful husband.. He was 79 when he past away its been about 3.5 years since he has passsed I can still remember the day he told me his lung was bothering him to the point he could not ride his bike , so we made a Dr apt and the news came he had cancer That was  in Oct 2004 when we found out . Of course Dad and me could'nt quite believe it so we went to his heart Dr to see if he could get the operation to remove it and he could'nt so here we were with what the dr said 6 months to a year , my father went down so fast that by the end of Oct ,I was stayng at his home not leaving his side ,taking him wherever he wanted to go.friends ,feeding the squirells,fishing,ect and looking at life a whole lot different .I was losing my father and could not stop it and he never complained one time , I took him and my mother home to live with me in the beginning of Dec, 2004 My father had dreams and he was a trooper all the way to the end , The night befor he passed he woke up in terminall restlesness It was my 40th birthday ..... and he knew it "he did not want to leave us he said and It took all of my strength to tell him it was ok That we loved him and he could relax ..I am still having visions of that night I know he is in a better placee and that I keep telling myself that the day he celebrated my life is the day he began a new Journey .......But I still miss him and want to here his voice,,,,

I want to thank Hospice they were wonderful!

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