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Domestic Violence, Surviving and Divorce

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Domestic Violence seems so easy to identify when you can actually see the physical affects of the abuse: i.e. black eyes, bruises, broken bones, etc. It is not as easy to see when it is emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and pshycological. The emotions a person goes thru when realizing, FINALLY, that the life they are living is NOT normal in a situation such as this. The authoities can't see the bruises, broken bones, scars left behind and happening right in front of them. The seriousness of this disease?, condition?, whatever you want to name it, is out of control for both men and women, not to mention the children. Thank God I didn't have any. Even though I have no bruises or affects of this violence, I have suffered it for the passed 20 years. I have no proof other than the heart problems I have now. I have nothing that can be seen with the naked eye. But what would you see if you could disect the inside of me? Would you see the damage done? Note, I didn't allow this to happen to me. I had no idea this was happening. It didn't happen overnight. It was a slow gradual process. Charles Mansion did not commit murder but had people that could have been extremely prominent in this world do the deed for him. Mind control. Brainwashing. Call it what you want. How do we educate people to the fact that this is running more rampant in our world than drugs, crime and most diseases? The feelings you have are so similar to death...grief, anger, denial....How can WE, as human beings, stop this? How can we educate people on this? How can we make a difference?

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Men abusing or beating women is one of the biggest things that angers me to hear or read about, and God forbid if I ever see it happening in front of me because the abuser will receive the same beating(or worse)from me. I have only seen this happen one time in front of me at a stop sign, where a guy in the passenger seat was smacking his girlfriend in the driver seat badly upside her head and pulling her hair as she screamed out the window. And so I put my car in park and very angrily got out and walked over to his side and yelled for him to "GET OUT OF THE CAR", and he did but then starting running away across and open field as I yelled obscenities at him, while the girlfriend or wife then sped off and yelled out the window "THANK YOU" before I could see if she was ok. And I know that was dangerous but I really didn't care and to all those men out there hitting on their women, you had better never let me catch you and at 6'2 & 225lbs I am not a small man by no means.   

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Dear Members,

We are excited to mention that we are moving to a more new and improved message boards on MONDAY MORNING AUGUST 9th! The boards will be done for a few hours while we are making the conversation. Remember we posted information about this move a month ago. For some of you this might seem a bit sudden,  but when we were reviewing the site we determined the current message board you are using is out of date and the company that designed it is no longer in existence. The good news is this new message board will have new features that have been requested in the past like more fields we can add to your profiles and a chat room up to 20 people at one time. If we find the chat room is bursting at the seams we will add additional room for extra people. All your old posts, private messages and such will be migrated to the new message board. You might have to put up your profile picture again but not sure. The new company will be doing the migration for us. Here is a short list of some of the new features on the board:

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The next exciting piece of news about the new message board is it will have a new domain name of www.grieving.com for search engine optimization purposes. It will still be apart of Beyond Indigo and can be found through www.beyondindigo.com. We will be redirecting your current URL's to this new domain name but we might miss a few. If that is the case simply go back to www.grieving.com or www.beyondindigo.com to find your message board thread. We will try to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The bottom line is the new board will give us room to grow our community and more options to interact better with each other.

If you have any questions please direct them to feedback@beyondindigo.com.

Kelly Baltzell, MA


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