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(A poem about my life)

Eddie and I met in ’54

And married in ’55

He brought me roses as I swept the floor

And tended our busy hive.

Twins Roger and Russ were born in ’56

And Cindy came along in ’58

Bonnie joined our family in ’61

As Russ was welcomed at Heaven’s gate.

Eddie J. brightened our lives in ’63

Then two years later God heard my plea

And sent Fred to complete our family tree

I thanked the Lord on bended knee.

In ’76 Roger was called home to rest

Once again tears fell like rain

Still I know I am richly blessed

And one day I’ll see them again.

Cindy and Bonnie are now lovely mothers

Caring for kids and serving others

Sons Ed and Fred pay our freedoms dues

Flying high in their Air Force blues.

Twelve grands and 10 greats now add to my joy

And another grandson is an angel in God’s employ

My heart is filled with such love and pride

As I praise the Lord, my Saviour and Guide.

More than forty years later our marriage is over

And I’m starting life anew

With friends as sweet as a field of clover

And a family so faithful and true.

My brother Bill likes California life

Sister Carol has her very own style

Sis Dianne is a mailman’s wife

And I stay near the telephone dial.

My life I owe to a wonderful Dad

Who was always there through good times and bad

My Mom was the best, with a smile so sweet

I know they now sit at Jesus’ feet.

I thank God for my blessings both day and night

And ask Him to keep those I love in His care

I pray He will guide me to always do right

To honor and serve Him is my prayer.


Aug. 1996

My Group for Christian Friendship and Grief Support:

Christians Caring and Sharing

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Just wanted to write to let you know I think this is a wonderful poem. From speaking with you I know you have dealt with many ups and downs, a lot of loss in your life, but you do have a faith that is admirable and it is evident in your writing. Take care and thank you for being here and helping me to tallk through some of my grief.


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