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a poem for my wee angel


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sean-michael      28.10.1991 - 29.4.96

from the day you were born,you stole my heart

i knew from then we could never part

but you became sick when you were 5 days old

my heart i wish was yours when i was told

your heart was so weak and you were so good

you did everything your little heart said you could

you were the joy in my tears,the angel in my eyes

then after four years as an angel you would rise

i love you every second of every day

and then heaven took you and left me to say

"look after my angel and fill him with love

so wen i look to heaven hes loving me from above

mummy will always be here with the love that you need

and to be with you soon i only can plead

i send kisses and cuddles as your skin i can feel

when im alone and beside you to me you are real"


i miss you the same today as the day i lost you baby,please come and visit me,breath on my face at night...sit next to me...please just give me a sign you are ok.....i love you xxx

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Chrissy - Tears, tears tears.........such beautiful words........may Sean Michael hear them, touch your heart and ease your pain.....Trudi

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Chrissy that was so sweet. I sat her crying and crying.  I to hope Sean Micheal hears you pleas. You so need to know your son is alright. I am sure he is, but I to know how you feel. You are him mom. You are the one suppose to be caring for him. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Carrie

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