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Really missing my girl


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Hey everyone, I just signed up to this site today as I cannot afford grief counselling to help me get through the pain.

I will put my girls story here for anyone interested, so it kinda gives anyone on here a lil info on what I went through with my girl.

The night she took her forever sleep, it was around 7pm August 7th 2023 ~
I told my mom to come sleep in my room as we were both struggling. Around 2:40am we heard her walking across the room (We have laminate flooring) so the sound was very very clear.

My mom woke up first to noises, then waking me, we both heard her walking Infront of the tv, then having a shake,  then nothing…

It was my first experience with anything paranormal, how can my girl do that without her body? It didn’t make sense at all, I still cannot understand it, even months on.

i think what I wanted to ask, Is this it now? Just that one visit? Was it her goodbye? Or just her saying I am still here? I have heard nothing since, it’s been 6months since and I keep hoping I will, it’s truly gut wrenching. I call out to her so often, I dream about her, and get nightmares about her dieing, just in a bad place and wanted to connect to other people that have gone through similar  

if anyone has any experience in paranormal/Afterlife stuff/souls/Spirits and can explain what I heard too, I’d be willing to listen to anything just to figure it out or at least try 😞

will stop rambling now, thankyou for reading 💛





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I'm very sorry you lost your girl.  Except for losing my husband, the hardest and most painful losses have been beloved pets.

As to the paranormal or spiritual, I'm afraid I can't give you specific answers.  I can tell you what I believe.  After my soulmate-in-a-dog Charlie died, our cat Penny (my husband's soulmate-in-a-cat) didn't just spend weeks sniffing around, lying on "his" spots, and being extra "clingy" to my husband.  She would also sometimes perk up her ears, stare into space, listen, and then "talk."  As for me, for at least a year after, every time I'd be in the kitchen preparing carrots or apples (Charlie's favorites), I'd feel his cold, slightly wet nose on the back of my knees.  He had done that for most of his life, as if to say, "I'm here, mom.  I've got your back if you drop anything.  And also, don't step on me, okay?"

The day after Penny died, my husband John and I swore we could hear her loud stomping down the stairs.  See, that was funny because she was a petite 6.5 lb, yet she could make herself heard like nobody's business.  We didn't really sense anything specific after that many, many years ago...that is, until recently.  After I brought my Cosi girl home from the shelter, something strange started happening.  I sit on cushions in front of the sofa and lean back into it and use my computer on the coffee table.  Out of nowhere, I'd feel that telltale "bounce and dip" of a cat landing on the sofa behind me.  I'd turn around to say hi, but it wasn't Cosi.  And it wasn't as if it could have been her and she moved because she'd be nowhere in sight or she'd be sound asleep on her comfy bed on the end of the sofa.  This happened repeatedly for the first 6 months or so until I finally decided it had to somehow, some way be one of our/my cats.  Ultimately, I figured our Penny was the "closest" to this home, so it must be her.  I'd say, "Okay, Penny, have a little chat with Cosi and see if you can get her to settle down" on Cosi's craziest young cat days.  It rarely happens now.

I can't say if everything was our/my imaginations and desperate wishes to know they are okay or if these things were real.  I can't say whether you'll have signs again in the future.  I do have faith that there is something wonderful beyond this life here and that our most beloved companion animals wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge (though I seriously doubt it's how any of us imagine it).  It seems to me that it must be very hard for our lost loved ones to "pierce the veil" separating this world from the next.  And maybe it becomes harder the more time passes here on earth.   I suppose the only real answer any of us can give is "We hope, but we don't know."

Please do come and read, post, talk, rant, or anything else that helps.  The members here understand in ways that many people do not or cannot.

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