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Lost my niece and her 7 month old baby, she left a 4 yo daughter orphaned


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This is something unthinkable. Losing my niece (who was more like a daughter to me since her father (my brother) was out of state and mother was a disaster). I don’t know how to process the fact that her 4 year old daughter is now with the ex, a man had no involvement in her life and has never paid a dime or attempted to see her. She doesn’t even know him and was essentially “kidnapped” in her view. She is traumatized, I did get them to recommend therapy. He only wants the daughter to get social security death benefits from my niece since he is unemployed due to being an ex-con. I can certainly see why people RUN and hide with kids under these types of circumstances. We barely found her mom dead and that same day had to turn her over to authorities because her “father” was the next of kin. She lost her mom, her home, all her stuff and US. He wasn’t even in the state, hadn’t seen her for years, barely knows what she even looks like. HELP ME! I can’t sleep for worrying about her. Last I knew he became a drug addict and overdosed recently and was incarcerated no less than a year ago. HOW CAN THEY GIVE HER TO HIM? We are the only family she knows! My mother and I helped my niece raiser her for these past 4 years as a single mother. My niece had met someone and got married so her poor husband lost all of them. his new wife, his newborn that died with her, and he lost the little girl he had been raising and supporting. The law is flawed and if anything happens to her I don’t know what I will do! New abortion laws are killing women and I am mad as hell. 


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I can't imagine.  Blood should not count for more than heart.  I am with you on this one.  The same happened in my family.

My sister was married and her husband took up with a french woman, they were living in France, he was a captain in the Air Force.  She came home to the US and discovered she was pregnant.  She was raising her three year old, and gave birth to the baby, Jim never paid a cent child support, mar's sried his French woman, and they moved to Germany.  Donna, my sister, was working as a paralegal and going to school at night and my mom taking care of the kids while she did.  Donna and my other sister had a accident and it killed the three year old, the baby was okay, Donna became quadreplegic, and my other sister was brain damaged with balance issues for life.  My mom and I took care of them and Peggy eventually got out on her own.  But it ruined Donna's life.   The baby was the highlight and joy in our lives during this time.  I was 14 when it happened and all our lives changed overnight.  We took care of them and when the baby was three his dad came and kidnapped him, never having laid eyes on him!  He took him to Germany with him where his wicked stepmom would lock him in a closet and he'd listen to their child's screaming.  He was gone a year, it was horrible.  My parents got a lawyer and sent a plane ticket for the child to come back home for a visit.  After a month their lawyer got a letter from Jim's lawyer saying Jim had a nervous breakdown and the child was up for adoption if they were interested.  They didn't hesitate.  They adopted him and let him know no one could ever come take him again.  

I can't tell you the effects it had on him!  

My heart is with this child and praying for her...for you also.  ❤️

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