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Friend Hung Himself


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About 5 days ago a friend decided to hang himself nd I'm so angry with him, myself and everyone else as we should have been there but we weren't we were all to wrapped upin our lives (kids, work, family etc).

However now I can't sleep everytime I close my eyes I see him struggling to breathe its like i'm watching it through his bedroom window over and over again. I've tried sleeping with the light off and on (I'm 26 shouldn't need the light on) in the same bed as my partner, on my own even cuddled upto my little girl bu tthat image is just embededded into my head and I wasn't even the one that found him. I'm exhusted as I work nights and up early with a child but am to scared to close my eyes.

I can cope during the day as I have to, I put my war paint on so people can't see whats going on and get on with the day assoon as the night time comes thats it.

He was always going to be there and he's not and I dont know what happens next. Yes I know Times a great healer and all but How do I forget this image?

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When you think these thoughts, perhaps you can forceably replace the image with one of your friend when he was happy.

You may be suffering from some type of shock at this point. You've suffered a hard emotional blow.

Have you talked to others about this?

We will be here to offer you support and encouragement.


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