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My dog: a huge help


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I live alone - although technically I don't as I have my (our) dog. I agree it's hardly the same as another person around of course (he's not much for conversation), but it is also far better than being TOTALLY alone. And in fact he has advantages over people and is why I'd just as soon have him around more than the vast majority of people out there. eg:

- he's always glad to see me - no fake politeness here

- he is genuinely interested in where I am and what I'm doing

- he tolerates my mistakes and my moods - which these days can be considerable. When I hurt, when I cry, when I'm in anguish, only he is there. Rarely does anyone else even know about it.

- he forgives just about anything in the blink of an eye

In short he is someone to care for and cares about me. He has been with me through the darkest time of my life. The only catch is I'm scared to death if something happens to him - it would totally crush me. I'm afraid to even go on vacation as there is no neighbor/etc I trust and I am none too sure about these places that care for dogs while you're away either.

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Hi widower2, I know exactly how you feel. My dog is my soul mate now since losing my husband in January this year. We had been married for 46 years and I was with him as he died, he told me to live my life but how can I when I feel so lost. We didnt have a large group of friends, I have a son and daughter and 2 gorgeous Grandkids but their lives are busy. I loved (I still love him and will forever) that man with my heart and soul and he loved me the same. I find I talk to my Annie dog about him all the time, if I talk about him with the kids they suggest a grief counselor. I dont want to talk to a stranger about him, I just want to remember some of the things he did with them. I know what you mean about the fear of losing your dog, she is my best friend and has also seen me through some dark times and still is. My solace is walking on the beach or at the park with her every day and not to have her will break me in two. My daughter is not a dog person and my son has a cat so they won't look after her if I went away so I dont go, Annie is a rescue dog and has a fear of cages so putting her in a kennel would be cruel. I feel so lost and broken and do not know which way to turn, my family tell me to join groups of all kinds but it is not me. Annie is 10 years old now and I want time to stop because i cannot bear the thought of losing her.  Take care and give your fur baby a hug from me.

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