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Fear of dying


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About two years ago I took care of my friend while she was dying of cancer. She was so afraid to die and so angry that she was going to die. I felt/feel so angry about it too. She was so young, so full of life, so important to people and there was nothing she could do to keep living. Since her death I have what I can only describe as a phobia of dying. When people talk about death on the news or a character dies in a book or a tv show I get a panic attack. I lie away at night dreading that I won't open my eyes the next morning. It is driving me crazy.  I guess it has just become so real to me how little control we have over when or how we die. But I feel like this phobia is keeping me from living and enjoying live. Can anyone relate?

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Daddys girl kw

hi my dear 

first of all i’m so sorry for your loss , may your friend rest in peace , i think it’s normal how you feel giving the fact that u stayed with your friend at her worst moment i’m so sorry she didn’t find peace before dying hopefully she’s at peace now , do you think you are panicking from the trauma of watching ur friend die ? or you are panicking  because you didn’t do all you want to do in your life ? you feel that you didn’t live well enough ? ,  will doing things you love to do but didn’t have the chance to do before help ? like traveling or learning something new ? would helping others in need ease the way you are feeling now ? i’m sorry if i didn’t help you with your issue , so proud of your courage to talk about it and  seek help … i hope it’s a temporary feeling , yes all of us will die one day , the most important thing is to live your life fully and be helpful for yourself and others in need .



may you find peace in your heart ALWAYS ❤️

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