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First Christmas after losing my mother during holidays


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Last year, I endured my saddest holiday so far. My Mother died January 2, 2032. I am anticipating an emotional holiday season. 

Mom was in the ICU from December 19-January 2. 

During this time, my 6 siblings and I took turns staying with Mom.  The ICU at holiday's is particularly sad.

I look forward to seeing some of my family Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also feel sadness that Mom and Dad (Died June 28, 2022) will not be there.


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Hi Michelle79,

I'm truly sorry for the loss of both of your parents... and so close together too. That must be extremely difficult.  I was fortunate in the fact that there was at least 20 years between my parents' deaths.

Those 'firsts' are so hard to get through - the first Christmas, the first Mother's and Father's day... and so on. My mom died on September 2nd 2019. The following Christmas was the worst I'd ever experienced. I truly understand where you are coming from. I hope that with having six siblings, the pain is somehow eased by being together for the holidays. You could all brainstorm and think of a beautiful way to honour your mom and dad this year - like maybe planting a little Christmas tree in their name. Or after dinner everyone tells a funny story about your parents - or something that is meaningful to you that they said or did. 

My family fractured after the loss of my dad, mom and brother. I have 2 sisters left but it's not like it was. Death and other personal traumas have changed us. We don't have cousins or a huge circle of friends and my daughter just moved to the other side of the country, so that will make for a sad Xmas this year. 

So hold on to all the love in your remaining family and try to stay close if you can. 

 Sending you hugs,


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