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Anger or Grief??


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"I sat in my anger for so long, until one day she revealed who she really was.......her name was Grief" 

Has anyone every used anger as a deflection of the pain you are really feeling? Is being "angry" easier than being "sad"? Was the anger a way to protect yourself from being vulnerable to others? 

Personally I can honestly answer "yes" to the questions above. 

Do you believe this is beneficial, or do more harm then good?

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I'm sorry you haven't gotten a response till now. I think many of us can absolutely say "yes" to your questions to various degrees. I think in grief you should allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and anger is often part of grief. It isn't necessarily good or bad, it just is. And it can depend on how you mean it. Angry at the injustice of the loss? Of course. Angry at doctors or the state of the medical profession in our country? Holy #### yes. 

But directing anger randomly or outward at others who didn't have any responsibility for the loss is another story. Or the potential danger I think lies in getting "locked into" an angry state all the time...anger for the sake of anger. IMO that is also understandable, but in the long run is destructive, not beneficial. 


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I have a lot if anger and grief I was in the hospital when my Aubt died and I understand the decision not to tell me so I would heal but boy I still after two years get a little I'd off. Especially now that I have two broken feet and a heart issue and a hernia that's killing me. I cried and laughed and got upset today just kept praying and I am a comedienne that can't do it right now. Here's a joke I got new wireless earbuds and I used them for a while they worked great. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom really bad so I ran to the bathroom......now I gotta get new wireless earbuds. I don't think I have you tell you what happened....lol 

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