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I might lose my soulmate and if she goes, I will go too


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She is 11 years old and a cat and she has cancer in her ear since 4 years (can not be removed).

It gets bigger and I am scared what I should do if it is about to kill her one day.

She is like a dog, but she only listens to me and only loves me (she does not like other people and scratches other people who try to pet or touch her). 

She is always by my side and the most loyal animal I have ever seen in my life, which is very rare for a cat. 

I tried a lot things against the cancer, like Vit B, Vit C and other stuff but it never helped. Doctors are useless as well, I was already at 3 of them and gave up and I do not have endless money as well. I only know, if someone has a cancer which can not be removed, there is nothing to do anymore, as the doctors do not have possibilities themselves to cure it.

Even used an ouija board multiple times out of desperation, but it never worked (so how is it still possible that people believe in ghosts, as they do not seem to exist???)

I will not live without her, and this is my final decision and I do not believe in stuff like the rainbow bridge, so please do not write me that.

I need something that could help or cure her, so I can still enjoy the last few years I have still left with her. 

I do not like my family and I do not want friends, because I do not believe in loyalty and real love between humans. There may be some very rare cases, where it is possible tho.

I wish so much I had some kind of power to save her, even if it would make me disabled or even worse. She suffers, because nature is a disgusting being, disguised as beauty and the humans fell for it.

If you know something what I could do to save her, please let me know, but as mentioned above, I do not believe in rainbow bridges or things that come after the life. So please save me from that nonsense, I am actually looking for something that can safe her life.







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I'm so sorry, our animals mean the world to us.  
I wish you well with saving her life, this is a grief forum, you might do better on reddit or a forum where you can ask questions?  I hate to see you suicidal and truly hope you'll call someone if/when the time comes.

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Have her ear removed. That's bad, but it beats dying.

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