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Loss of parents before the age of 30


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Hi i just need some help here as im new to this page but i dont know what to do.

I recently lost my only parent, my daddy in January 2021. I dont have any uncles or aunties or even grandparents. Theres just me and my brothers and sisters. Im the youngest of them all but i still feel like im missing that parental figure 😪

i loved my dad so much as he was my whole world as my birth mother walked away when i was just 15. I am now 29 so he passed when i was 26 nearly 27, a mere 2 months before i had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in an emergency operation.

I feel like ive lost a huge part of me and ive not got nobody to turn to even though i have sisters and brothers its just not the same. 

Everyone tells me itll be ok and that i lucky as i have sisters and brothers and i know i will be ok as i have no choice for it not to be, but im trying my hardest to be strong for my own daughter but its so difficult on days. 

Does anyone feel the loss of not having the authority figure and not the experienced one to turn to or even hug to know things will be ok. 

This will probably sound like mess of a message but i just need it to come out

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