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Talking with my mom


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42 minutes ago, AJ4 said:

I don't really know where I'm going with this, other than I'm grateful to have people to be around me this weekend and also to have good deep conversations with. 

Those deep discussions, particularly when they're unexpected, are so comforting when they happen. Thankfully, I've had a number of them since Tom passed away...mostly with my nephews and niece who not only needed to comfort me but felt the rare opportunity to share things they've kept inside. That baring of the soul to us fragile grievers sends us a big dose of love and security. 

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It is common for people to strike out at those the closest, for those are the ones they feel safe with, they aren't going to leave them. It's clerks and employers they're more likely to answer "fine" to when asked how they are.  Not saying it's right or wrong, just that's what we as people do.

We're glad you're here @AJ4 and all of the people here, this forum reflects the collective personalities of us all, and the caring really shows through!

When my mom was 92 in a dementia facility (Stage IV), they complained she wasn't eating, so we played a game, I'd take a bite, she'd take a bite, etc. That way she got some food in her. They supplemented with some Ensure I'd brought in. She weighed between 60 and 70 when she died, she was very tiny to begin with but should have weighed about 90-100.

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