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I am overwhelmed


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Hello all, hope your all well, I’m new to this, so not sure how it goes yet but
I lost my mum in September, then my grandad and then my grandma earlier this year, I’m looking in some support as I’m finding it very difficult as we were very close with each other thankyou
I also have really bad anxiety and depression which has obviously got worse than it normally is


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That is alot of loss in a short amount of time. I’m so very sorry.  

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Hello Char171,

My heart goes out to you on the loss of your mother and grandparents in such a short amount of time. 

That's so much to handle all at once.  Do you have any surviving family members you can lean on? Siblings? Cousins? Sharing the losses with people you are close to may help you in your extreme grief. 

I have anxiety and depression too - but it got worse after my mom died and the pandemic hit. I had been taking antidepressants for a number of years prior and functioned very well on them. Maybe talk to your family doctor about how you're feeling? Especially if it gets worse. Medication isn't for everyone, not trying to push that but keep all your options open. 

This forum has been helpful and there are a few others online too - Grief in Common comes to mind. 

You have a lot to process and come to terms with. Be kind to yourself and know that a rollercoaster of emotions is normal and to be expected. Loss is the worst thing we humans have to deal with. It just sucks. No other way to say it. 

I wish you strength and courage in your grieving journey. 


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Hi, Char171.  Sorry about your losses. That's a lot to deal with back to back. 

I'm in a similar boat. I lost two cousins - who were siblings - in March. My mother and I planted memorial trees  and offered our condolences to their immediate families. Then less than a month later, my mother was gone. And now the family's offering me their condolences, so I understand the depression and anxiety. 

I'm sure you're coping as best you can, like the rest of us. And I hope we all find the support we need to adapt in healthy ways.

Peace be with you.

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