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I miss my parents


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My father's birthday is tomorrow May 10th and mother's day is on Sunday. I woke up this morning and crying. I miss my parents so much. It's been 2years since my father died and 18 months since my mother died. Does the feeling of lonesome ever goes away?

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Dear Dimnd,

Oh how my heart is with you ♡ I am so sorry for the loss of your dear parents. They passed away so close together too, and that must be very hard. Your dad's birthday coming and Mother's day are further reminders of their absence, and I feel your pain.

Today I didn't plan to be sad, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was at the grocery store, which had all their flowering baskets hanging up outside. Memories of my mom were all around me because she loved flowers and they had begonias, which she grew. I left the store crying. My mom's been gone 3 1/2 years and it still hurts so much. My dad died 24 years ago and I still miss him with all my heart too. 

I can say that the loss and the grief comes in waves. You have really bad days and other days you feel like you can handle it. Every tear shed, it is a testament of our love for them. And we are definitely not alone in our suffering. 

It does help to share your grief with others. Do you have any siblings or any extended family to lean on? Maybe you could do a combined Mother's Day/Dad's birthday memorial to honor them? 

I understand the pain of their absence in your life. May you find comfort here on this site and in the words of others who know loss.

Peace and strength to you.



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