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Loss of my beautiful daughter who was also my best friend.


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My daughter passed away on February 21st after batting pancreatic cancer.  She was 32.  Robyn never met a stranger and was the most amazing human being.  Teacher of the year in January 2020 and diagnosed later that year in June and now gone.  It is still unbelievable.  I spent every single day with her the last 7 months of her life. We did so many things together and added so many memories…I wanted to have no regrets.  The last 5 days of her life in hospice have been extremely difficult for me to overcome.  It’s all I see…her laying there just dying and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. She had a smile that would light up the room, yet all I see is the last time I saw her just laying in that bed.  She was my best friend andI  have such a big hole in my heart.  I catch myself reaching for my phone to call or text her all of the time only to remember she is gone and although we said no regrets I still feel like there was more I should have done or said.  I hope she knows how very proud I am of her.  She never fell into disparity, she continued to be a rock for others, offer advice, she started a support group, she posted positivity always on social media and her motto was “Stay Strong and Stay Positive.”  Boy I miss her.  Please someone tell me how do you get through another day?

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Dear Staci11,   I’m so sorry that you have lost your dear Robyn.   She sounds so lovely and I hear how proud of her you are.

My name is Roz and I lost my own adult son , David, six years ago - I post with a group of other parents who have lost their own adult child - ‘Loss of an adult child’  it offers support and understanding .     I’d love you to join us there if you feel it could help you, just follow the blu C of my name badge and you will find links there - go to the last page and you will be able to read or post.

I know how impossible it can all feel , please  let us try and help.     Peace and strength to you,   Roz x 

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