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My beautiful father passed away unexpectedly on March 31, 2023. He was one of my best friends, I miss him so much and I don't know what to do without him. He was only 70, not sick and suddenly had a stroke and was gone within hours. He was an incredible artist and loved to walk at the state park and was a foodie. I miss sending him silly Tik Tok's and music. How do you cope?

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Hi Jrwelch713,

I am so sorry about your dad, my dad was one of my best friends too.

Losing him suddenly like that must have been very traumatic. Do you have a good support system in friends/other family members you can lean on? 

He sounded like a lovely and special kind of dad and I'm sure you feel his loss so deeply. The days and months ahead will be difficult as you come to terms with it and try to process everything. The first year for me was the hardest. It's been 24 years and I still cry. You will always miss him, but the grief will become a part of you - your love transformed. And it will be easier to bear, in time. 

I coped by writing in my journals and I saw a counselor. I also had two small children to take care of at the time, so being busy helped. I hope you find a way to grieve in whatever feels right for you. There are no rules when it comes to grief and we all cope differently.

I wish you peace and courage in your journey.


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