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Sister passing of Covid

Karyn Vazquez

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Karyn Vazquez

About two years ago I lost my sister to covid. It's been hard. She was due to get her first vaccine the same week she got covid. Actually, just days to get the vaccine. They sent her to the covid hotel, not even 24 hours there she was sent to the hospital. In the hospital she battled the virus three weeks, it was finally out of her system but the damage to her lungs was not good. In about two more days she was gone. We spoke by video chat, totally not the same as being there by her bedside. The day she was put on the ventilator, we spoke. We had to have the real talk, the talk of the possible of her passing. We prayed, she told me that she was ready for whatever turn this would take and give herself to God. My heart broke for her, I have a grandson and she have grandchildren. For her not to be here for them, hurt me. Once they put her on the ventilator, she did even last 24 hours. I really had some hope she would make it. Getting that call not even 12 hours after that she had passed was hard. It was just unbelievable. Some days for me are ok but as you all know, then there are the days that just fells you up with tears. I would say in the pass 10 years I have lost most of my family, my mom, my dad, my brother, a good friend and last my sister. I have one living brother, but he is bitter in life, so we don't speak. I know there are other in the same situation. Hopefully this place can help, having an outlet is good. 

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