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Kinda Spooky Phone Call


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I'm really ambivalent when it comes to the idea that there's any sorta afterlife, but I had a sorta spooky experience that I can't quite shake since. I was on the phone with a doctors' office a couple weeks ago and while the conversation I was having with the person on the other end was relatively pleasant, when the conversation was over, they sorta cut me off as I was saying goodbye and hung up on me. I get that they probably had their reasons (busy, tired, whatever) but in the moment I thought, "Well, that was rude," so I pulled my phone away from my face to give it a little petty glare, and when I looked at the screen, my phone had automatically started calling my grandma, who died last summer. She shared a number with my grandpa, who I had called for his birthday the week before, so it's very likely that my cheek had opened up my previous calls, scrolled down, and clicked it without me realizing, but it just felt really strange. Honestly, it kinda startled me, and I hung up immediately and just sat there looking around the room like "What the **** just happened?" Again, there is very likely an explanation other than her tryna tell me something, but to quote the X-files, I wanna believe. 

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Understood. Who can say? I've had things which to this day I feel sure have a "normal" explanation.......and yet.......

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