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I need more duck tape!


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I just finished reading all the comments from my last posting...It really made my heart feel good, I Thank all of you for caring.  Just a quick update for you.  This is a very difficult time for me with dealing with the birthdays of my loved ones who have passed.  Reminders popping up on my phone and then knowing when they died.  The last two years, I have felt the lost of My mother, an ex-sister-in-law, Her husband, My oldest Son, my beloved husband and a couple of friends of my youngest son who took their own lives.  I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around all this.  And....I'm still very sad thinking about all of, but having all of you here and family members that care has help me a lot.  

As you know I have had problems with my internet provided, most of February I lost connection...chewed them out yesterday and hope they now get it and keep me online.  I need to be able to communicate with everyone.  

So what I'm saying is I'm still here...patching more rips and holes in my raft with more duck tape.  I'll try to not stay away so long.  God bless You!

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20 hours ago, Deborah_M said:

I have had problems with my internet provided

I can relate!  I went through this myself!  Very frustrating.  Turns out I needed to unhook my router and connect my PC directly to the modem, had never had issues with it before so did not suspect it.  Funny it took someone so long to mention it.   Yesterday I gave myself a good scare!  I'd been hearing the sound of my PC fan/s working too hard, revving up, simmering down, etc.  Didn't want it to die so powered it down and took the cover off, used my small air compressor to blow the dust out, used a paintbrush to reach in hard places, put the cover back on and powered it up again.  Monitor wouldn't show anything but a black screen.  It had a light on so I knew it had power.  Made sure all the connections were secure.  Powered down again, took cover off, something fell off/out, so I put it back, didn't know what it was but it looked important/essential...powered it up again, this time it worked.  But in that minute when I didn't know...I was scared.  Immediately my mind reminded me I'm in the middle of a storm and can't run my PC three hours away to my son's.  HTF a good technician here in town and can't get up/down from the mountain if I wanted to right now.  It may be a week or a month...today is my biweekly day to get groceries and I can't do that either.  Could be a week or a month.  So I was rightly scared.  This is my connection to the world.

And there's no better feeling than getting our internet connection back.  Unless it'd be having our loved one back.  That's a longer wait but oh the joy of that day!

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