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Failing marriage


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I am a very hard working father who goes above and beyond to ensure my family is well provided for and have the life I never had growing up. I have in the past  year  started to vape which now has a very bad impact on my marriage. My wife despises the fact thsy i vape and has now refused outright any sexual contact with me unless i quit vaping... its been over 3 months now and counting since weve had any sexual intercourse..  I have been sleeping in the spare room for the past 4 months.. truth is i am not pointing any fingers as I am not planning on stopping atleast for right now. I  have tried to lower the nicotine dose in my vapes in order to wheen myself off but found myself back to the normsl strength again... its now at the point where I yearn a females touch and whilst cheating has never crossed my mind, its becoming more difficult as the days and weeks goes by. On the other hand, we get along very well and this has no effect on my family whatsoever. I do understand her reasons behind not wanting to vape and i also respect her decision not want any sexusl contact at all. I have noone else to talk to and to everyone outside our household our marriage is perfect. Why have I shared my story? It just get the weight off my shoulders and it feels as if ive told someone. 

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