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Cats and Dogs and Germolene


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Pets and Germolene WARNING

My 8 3/4 year old cat recently died from toxic poisoning a few days after I applied Bayer's Germolene.  There was no warning whatsoever on either the tube or box against using on animals, so I presumed it was entirely safe.

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I’m so sorry. That’s tragic. I’m always afraid of issues like this, so I tend to not trust anything for humans, even if there’s no warning.

You thought you were helping and didn’t know. Thanks for warning us even as you grieve such a painful loss.

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One place I found said you can use it on dogs!  Another said not to "let them lick it." Yeah, how do you stop a dog or cat from licking something!
I did find this but the only place out of several I looked!:angry:  I am so sorry this was lethal to your pet!  Apparently they have quit making it because they can't get one of the ingredients.  A little late for your beloved pet.

Is Germolene harmful to cats?
Iodine and salt water recommended (external use only), peroxide, Detol and TCP are definite no no's for cats. Whilst Germoline contains chlorhexidine which is safe, it also contains phenols which are not, so I would not recommend its use, even externally.
18 hours ago, AdrianP2023 said:

My 8 3/4 year old cat recently died from toxic poisoning a few days after...

I am so sorry for your loss!  Your heartbreak is significant and I am so sorry.

You can rest assured your kitty is at peace now...

The what ifs blame game happens to most of us going through early grief, it did me when my husband died 17 years ago...it's not that we are guilty of anything but loving them, and the truth is feelings are not facts, but it's that we can't wrap our heads around what happened, and our mind is trying to find some different possible outcome so it searches all the what ifs...

Comfort for Grieving Animal Lovers

A Dangerous Villain: Guilt
Breaking the Power of Guilt
A Dangerous Villain: Guilt

I hope this short video brings you some comfort and peace.


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