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Loss to suicide


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You have gone... Physically... Forever.... 
You have take a big part of me with you
I have a part of your soul... Forever
It hurts... Why did you go? 
What is it that can not be solved
I know there were questions unanswered
But the pain that you had
Is still very much there
It is what your family lives with now
It's what I carry now
We miss you
There is not a day that goes without one of your memories hitting me out of the blue
Sometimes I tell them as if it happened just yesterday
Sometimes I keep them to myself
There is one thing that runs me now
My faith in God
My faith in you
My faith that you are very very near, listening each of my word
And faith that we will meet in the world of our own. 
I love you. 

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Dear anony101,

My heartfelt thoughts and feelings on your loss; my sympathies and condolences.

Sending you strength to get through this "festive, merry, jolly" season. I wish I had more to offer. I don't. Faith in God -- for me also, it is what I lean on, to sustain me.   Ronni

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I posted a response yesterday but do not see it here...beautifully stated, thank you for speaking for us all even though you only intended to speak from your heart...

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