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Wife has recently divorced me. She changed over past few years new friends and all. I suffered financially which made it worse. She says there's no one else but signs are there.. She says willing to remarry once I am sorted... feel she's leading me on... keeps asking for money, fair enough that I have to give for my sons and her ad its required in our culture. But she appears disconnected emotionless and only focused on taking.... known here 25 years I know she has a pure heart ... all the above difficult to comprehend about her.... I know what you guys are thinking as anyone who would read the above... but it's just like I feel now only time will tell... I hope my gut feeling is wrong...miss her and my boys... feel as have lost everything and no purpose or existence left in me. 

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Hey Mak 123, 

I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I was married 28 years and have 2 grown boys. I struggle everyday to feel like I have a purpose. Ive been in counseling online from home for over a year doing EMDR therapy which helps but I feel like im in the same place as when we started and that everyone else in my family has moved on. My situation is a little different. My ex and I were in an argument 2 years ago and I went to jail. He than asked for a no contact order for a year. While this was so very hard not being able to see him, communicate etc at first, It was the best thing for us. Another year later and he hasnt spoken a word to me. My oldest son took his side in the divorce and hasnt spoken to me in 2 years as well. It is so very hard to accept. 


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Hey lilygurl,

Thanks for the response...

Since my last post... spotted my now recent ex with the same guy that i suspected... although she keeps saying it's nothing but read her letters in which she is comparing him to me coming home late... caught them once at a coffee shop when she said she going to a book club.... also keeps saying I'm not scared of you if I wanted to resettle i wouldn't hide it ... I even went as far as saying if you leave me, I'll support you unconditionally..if you stay single, even if you remarry il always support you ...

She kept saying let's wait and have a fresh start and forget the past...so after divorse we'll give it some time and then remarry....

That guy is also recently divorsed and has 2 kids... my eldest is 16 and youngest 6... the older one is suffering and isn't happy cause we have failed as parents..as she keep brainwashing them against Me...but now it appears all this character assassination of mine and all is justify her own agenda....

I messaged her few days ago after spotted them... told her everything i felt gave her ultimatum either you with me or then you are a cheat and  that'll be known then to all...


Her response is like we have a lot to discuss and we will when I am less stressed ...what does that mean...

She is 100% dependent financially on me and knows any screw up will leave her alone..


But my question  is if she wants to leave then why doesn't she .. why keeps saying we will remarry and all... just end this...also if financially she with me then why doesn't she ask him to man up and take responsibility... 


Just confused and lost....

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