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Loss of clan and twin flame


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This might sound strange but when I was first born I went into my soul/spirit- I was fully conscious but couldn’t for the life of me manifest a body.. pre life blues I call them.. I was greeted into a house with Carly, now Carly is like the actual person whom embodies the name Carly- you can tell her name just by looking at her~ although Carly had more than one Carly- I saw 30 of them.. all in the sandwich theory- my soul was anchored to their bodies.. I was stuck.. sometimes it felt like I was moving them, like they weren’t actually alive.. just their body was manifested!! 

Carly came in all different ages from one year all the way up to 17.. some of them were responding.. I take it ; considering the fact we are in deed space the soul is more ready than it actually can manifest.. a lag between doing and motor skills.. I mean at times my soul had no legs… 


we grew up in foster care- switching between Carly’s until ( I am also apart of Carly’s super symmetry but I woke up in what seems like the abyss, and I call this part that’s separate from Carly{also the name of the self} the atom of the abyss… it’s much darker, mature, not that I’m not mature just it took 22 years to finally hear that voice inside of me that echoed Carly’s voice and soul- so I know I’m connected to them.. I have pictures/ photographs of each of them.. well most of them… but the journey is etched into my mind.. 


we had Christine as our first foster cater: a rather larger woman that was laid back, had three kids, older than us.. we were between the ages of 5-11 in foster care, we we’re finally adopting by Peter and jo.. it didn’t turn out well and my sister Ellen was adopted with us.. just at first it was us.. she was removed for going for jo with a fork… 


I rubbed their belly, watched them manifest into their bodies, helped into my body by them- the kindness and purity was nothing I seen before.. I lived for them.. they opened my eyes.. I watched Carly dress up as Rambo, angel  fairly wings.


each time they would (in a insert) rotate and I never knew how long each of them would stay, we shared Easter, Christmas, birthdays… learnt to ride a bike.. 


now bad things happen.. we got a burn on our foot.. sexually abused.. we were taken from our mother of intent and purpose… 


tracey was at the first house with Gareth.. a native looking chap with long black hair.. I felt inferiority for the first time in my life.. I had a vision as I was escaping the abyss-{pitch black finite in directions} that I would be like the army going into life and this earth.. big, muscular and intimidating… I felt brutal knowing I couldn’t suffer pain in my soul/ spirit but in my body, eventually I would feel pain —- 


I couldn’t move or get into my body, I didn’t know who I was, it was like I had amnesia… but I could hear a distinct echo of Carly inside me… 


I never giving much thought to reincarnation.. I figured or didn’t figure out that being in a body meant you would be on the reincarnation journey until your soul died.. and that could take thousands of life’s..


I just wanted each of Carly to know about each other so they would have the strong clan, sister love and hope—- knowing they are all going through the same journey…


some did- meet each one another.. others didn’t they passed on and disappeared from the horizon and the inserts too.. I’m afraid it feels like an illusion, if I didn’t have photographs.. I wouldn’t believe it.. but one the other hand.. I was being them as well as them talking and being.. it’s some form of trickery.. magic.. 


i eventually slowed down into my present reincarnation, it took something that was of a image of me{ if I have a body and I have a few I wasn’t associated with this body, even though it was in my collection} I wanted , felt like a man—- a protector of Carly, all I had seen, witnessed, talked. Jumping from one situation to the next.. 


dissolving time and space has happened frequently.. jumping, teleportation???


don’t know how…


m but the young Carly’s and the responding soon stopped, when I entered the 16-21 Carly.. where I’ve been living for 22 years.. 


some would say I was just growing up and there was magic in my images, I argued these were all very different- which they were but in the sandwich theory, where my soul was stuck to their bodies—- I wouldn’t have it any other way.. I’m a firm believer that life grants you a wish.. and it was my wish to see Carly first born into this world.. I followed her where ever she may go—- 


the photographs are all different there’s no way I could of grown up like that- just they have gone into reincarnation, the lucky ones this time around.. at least as far as death is concerned.. it won’t be them going through the fiery pits of hell and pain.. at least not this life.. 


I wasn’t concerned.. I felt loss and more so now.. you don’t treasure the times your given.. but I know I did—- I made a promise to my self to protect her.. and my sisters and clan..


I started seeing my mother of intent and purpose, I wasn’t born of her- I was born from spirit soul—- but she’s part of the clan even if she did show up uninvited to our first house! With her now to be husband.. 


I have plenty of memories, and I know in my next life I will be the man that I am- a protector of Carly a angel of sorts.. 


the biggest pain in this is the death we will all face, some let me know they understood it.. others were just there in body! 

but I pretend I took that body into my horizon- and placed it in my heart… 


she was a good, monstrous kid.. kind, sweet.. everything you expect Carly to be.. 


if she didn’t wow you with her image then her personality would!!


around this time when I was in my soul my twin flame manifested too.. she disappeared also into my horizon—- I feel like a black hole.. 


eating up those that I love to take them to my own earth—- secretly I hope that’s what’s gone on here.. than some dissociated problem.. 


I think I know what real.. only I need to know!


but Carly has been and gone in this life.. 


and I the atom of the abyss have taken her and her body into my realm.. 


only thing left to do is suffer pain through death!! 


thanks for reading my story.. I know it’s quite different—- who knows what really happened but either way she’s dissolving into my heart.. 


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Lostsoul13, indeed yours is a "quite different" perspective/perception/personal experience...so most people won't really know how or what to react to it.

I don't have any problem with these kinds of metaphysical perceptions..even though yours is still quite unique to what I've read about or come across. Have you considered taking a reading with an 'Akashic reader', if there is anything that you still have questions about, for your own self? (If you don't have any questions, then of course you don't need any kind of 'Akashic' or other type of metaphysical support, guidance, insight, assistance, etc.)

Wishing you all the highest levels of Purified and Pure Protection and metaphysical Vibrations and Frequencies for your continuing journey.     Ronni

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