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The woman who raised my husband and took me in in my time of need has passed what do I do now


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My husband (25) and I(23) went on a 3 week business trip and on the drive back, the 2nd of November, and his grandmother(65 and the literal picture of health) had to undergo emergency surgery for an aneurysm no one knew was there until her vision went. The stint placing went well but hours later it ruptured. She died November 5th, 2022. 4:10PM. This is my first real loss, I love this woman more than life itself, I can’t help but think of how she won’t get to see her great grand daughter open the doll she bought her for Christmas, won’t get to teach me her stuffing recipe, she won’t knock on my door with plant facts or information on medicine or the weather. I hurt so much but I know that my husband is hurting more- she has raised him since the loss of his parents at an early age and was, essentially, only his grandmother by title and he told her every day that she was his best friend. I want so much not to be a burden on him but I have never been close to anyone I’ve lost before now; how can I help him when it feels like there is glass in my own lungs? He and I aren’t religious but there is no way that woman would have anything less than the best in any after life. I just feel really lost and I don’t want us to flounder when she had just been so proud of the steps we were making in our health and success. I’ll take any advice really 

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