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Thought I had "overcome his loss" and BAM...waves of anguish


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To all you lovely pet parents, 

I had weeks of pre-grief knowing, and caretaking my 11 yr old

boy, he was never healthy, but he got me through 2020 and

he held on, and released his spirit, like a true friend without putting

me into the cold vets office. GRATEFUL. I took a vacation. WOW..

I was elated, I bounced back, ready! ready for things I could not

do( he was red zone case) difficult, one pet sitter...only.


Then, today 30 days later!, WAVES of hellsh*** grief, out of nowhere, QUIET house...

I cleaned every bit of "triggers" and changed habits. BUt I MISs MY

BEST friend so bad...guys..I just don't get it? I had old lover show me

great time, spent time with children partying halloween...so I assume

its TOO MUCH emotions...just coming from a bit of "high to low".

I don't wanna repeat my past mistakes!! I don't want to "bandaid" a new

pet over the pain. acually my life, goals, are shifting, I need to honor

and care take myself.I have seen two of my other friends, quickly

replace their pets, and it took FOREVER to bond, if ever. The sadness

is still inside their eyes. so what are we missing? why are we so sad?

I never cried for my ex's this much. Clearly humans need a different

kind of love. This I want to learn. before if I do, get another furbaby, or

feather? who knows..I love them all. You know I hope you know, as a psychic medium

its NOT easier..yeah I TALK with him, we have that, but he is ALSO so so sad...

I learn something new everyday. Mostly..I want to be happier.. bless you all

and may you share your feelings, more, and be open to love.

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I am sorry for your loss, was he a dog,a cat, or a bird?  I don't see where you said, or his name.

It's been a month?  I wish there was a way to fill the empty vacuum left of your heart...I did get another dog, not as a "replacement" as that can't happen, instead they create their own place in your heart and your heart grows for them, even as it continues to feel the loss of the one you lost...it took a few months and my son brought him to me.

Comfort for Grieving Animal Lovers



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