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Loss of my father


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My poor father passed away 29 September 2022 .We discovered he had cancer in July 2022 ,he had mainly lung and bone he was hospitalised as he broke his so easily due to the cancer ,sadly he never got leave hospital.He never moaned or complained about pain and he must have Berne in tremendous pain but bless his heart he stayed as strong as he could .He deteriorated very quickly and myself,brother and sister were by his side as he took his last breath he was 75 years old and in this day and age is no age to pass away .I feel my dad was robbed ,he could have had a good 20 years to go if he didn’t end up with this nasty killer cancer .The problem I’m having is it just doesn’t feel real I can’t get my head around it I keep telling myself that he’s passed away but it doesn’t seem to have sunk into my mind is this normal ,I love my dad so much and it’s hard understanding I’m not going to hug ,see or tell him I love him again but I just can’t convince I’m my mind that it’s real ,in my heart I know it’s real but my head just doesn’t seem to be able to register it are these feelings normal please I need to know ?

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My dad was 52 when he passed on 28th September 2022, he had cancer and well that nasty disease took him, it doesn't feel real to me too and saying it's gotten better would be a really big lie because it hasn't and I miss him.

How you feel is completely normal, I am a therapist and I know this, even then acceptance has been hard and it won't be easy so well just know it normal amd you should just grieve your way

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