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A touching scene on the tv series "Monk"


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Vision television network here in Canada started reruns of the mystery comedy-drama series "Monk". I caught some of the series back in its original run but I'm now seeing it in a whole new light. For those who aren't familiar with it, it centres around Adrian Monk who is a quirky private detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder. His wife Trudy was murdered years before which presents a sub-plot where he continually investigates who was behind the killing but we also witness his continual grief with this loss. I'm surprised how well the writers of the show did with showing longtime grief. 

So today's episode had Monk visiting his parents-in-law that he hadn't seen in a while. There is a truly touching moment when he first arrives and opens the door to his wife's former bedroom. Thankfully, someone posted the clip on Youtube. This beautiful scene certainly brought out my tears. I'm not posting it to make you cry but there is something so important here. His mother-in-law says that after two and half years after her daughter's death, she "decided to give the world a second chance". I know I'm not there yet but it brings me some hope.

I clipped this from the longer video...hopefully it works.





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Thanks for sharing that clip with us!    A very touching and poignant scene...and good to keep in mind. ;)


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