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Self Motivation?


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I haven't turned off my 'private chat' function -- so please do feel free to 'PM' me, if you have a sense that I may be able to offer some kind of support, even if 'offline' from this site. (Not guaranteeing that I'll see it as the next "Great American novel"...but I do recognize that type of support that I received for my own books to be published, that I was working on. Similar but not the same. Not a sailboat, but one of those 'waterfall walls', that he was going to be able to be behind 'incognito' while he kept a close eye on the entire organization, in our suite of offices, after I hit the best seller list.)

Hell's bells. It sucks, huh?  (Um. Okay, so I fully see that this wasn't terribly great "cheerleading", now was it? <LOL>. But, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to do better...at least on some days.)

Love'n hugs, BohoKat, and all of the best that this Cosmos has to offer.   Ronni

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12 hours ago, BohoKat said:

What I wouldn’t give to hear for the umpteenth time, his cheerful “it’s the Great American novel,” or jokes about the sailboat he was going to buy when I hit the best seller list.

Listen for his voice to come through to you in your mind and heart...I often replay George's words to me just when I need them, it helps me to know he is cheering me on, if not in person, then on the sidelines, but always supportive and proud of me. ;)


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