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Sending Booklets on Grief to Parents


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Question for you.. I have a acquantance/friend He and his wife just lost their 3 year old little boy to Cancer, after a battle - about a year. (They do have 2 other small children, but that doesn't make any difference in the situation, I know) Anyway, in out Stephen Ministry, the have a series of 4 small booklets, that we are able to send to people going through grief of a loved one. We send them at regular intervals along with a personal note. I would like very much to send these books to them, so that perhaps they may provide just a little bit of comfort. The books just share comforting messages of the feelings they may be experiencing, to take things slow, to realize that everyone is different, etc. The only thing is, is that this couple has poured their heart and soul into a foundation to help other families in situations Still, they may be experiencing times of grief? when they are alone, at times?? So, I am praying that it may be at those times, that the books may be a comfort. Can you tell me what you think.

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