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info dump im not sure i just need to get this out


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the following months before my mom died we were just patching up our relationship, growing up my mom was sick mentality and physically and back in Oct of 2016 she had a blood clot that cost her her leg and almost her life and from then on out life as we knew it flipped upside down. On from there my mom was always in the hospital or in nursing homes (me and my dad couldn't take care of her) but 2018 she met Victor while living in a "independent living facility" - I use that term very loosely-  and then me and her were talking, it was still different. I longed for my old life and my old mom.  around Thanksgiving Break we (my dad and I) got a call from the hospital saying that my mom was in the ICU and we needed to be there, she was septic and I remember that I hadn't heard from her since September which was weird even for my mom. She almost died. and then 4 months later she did die of liver failure. After she died Victor started being weird towards me like acting like a parent (in this case I made me uncomfortable bc I still had my father) then he starting wedging his way into my family and making every one upset. at this time we were on speaking terms and I just wanted her things and to greave in peace but he didn't want that and he still doesn't it was like pulling teeth to get her necklace and other things. Now 2 years later im still fighting him on this and the things he has belong to me and my father, as well as the things he has also tried to extort us for said things. I am tired and warn out. I just want to get the things that now belong to me and my father and grieve in peace. 

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