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New dog.


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Well I have a little dog that looks like my sweet Sissie ,but only 11lbs ,,Sissie was 28lb toy rat jack Russell mix.I so love her,But still cry over my other dog.Its getting way better cry maybe 3 times a months not 5 times a day..bella is her name and god really gave her to me ,over 120 people wanted her ,I saw her on three little pittes .animal rescue. She was on the adoption place for 2 weeks ..I thought not ready yet so when I was I went back and they said we have so many people looking and wanting her im sure becasue she small I wanted a bigger dog.well anyway she was still open for a mommy @daddy but 30 people in front of us..I gave full application ..omg 6 pages. They called me and said you seem like the perfect fit. Within 3 days we got her,,omg I was shocked needless to say..she is the most loving dog and looks like Sissie .which is good.yet she not and thats great .ok thats where ive been I hope you all find your new baby soon god will help ,believe me .I will post a pic son.xx

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I am so happy for you to get her, Bella is the name of Kodie's first playmate, they loved each other but the owners suddenly rehomed her w/o any warning, which broke Kodie's heart, but now they have Jazzy.  I have a fear they'll do that with Jazzy as Kodie and her are very attached!  

Kodie is very different from my Arlie, but I can't help but feel he sent him to me the way it all came about.  Looking for another pup is very exhausting, I felt I'd never get another one!  I got bit six times in the process, had to have surgery on my hand, which left it in even worse shape, now have completely loss of strength & constant pain.  For a while I thought I'd never have another!  So thankful my son found him for me.  He has been a lifesaver in this horrid Covid isolation and grief.

I wish you well with your new little dog, is she full grown or a puppy?  Kodie came to me 4 1/2 lbs, now 18 1/2, nearly full grown now.  He's been attacked twice, I don't get it, sweet little defenseless dog!  I carry Halt spray with me now.  I look forward to your pics, take care!

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