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loss of emotions


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ive just realised i dont feel anymore. i was talking to my sister today about craig and she started crying and i didnt feel anything. i then realised this is my general feeling these days. ive just had a party, my dog had pups and ive moved house but nothing excited me, i just feel like im dealing with everything that comes along. ive got no emotions. craig has been gone 3 years now, can someone tell me if this is normal, and will it get better

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Dear missing craig - I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear son. It is just

not natural for us as parents to outlive our child!

I don't really know if things get better after 3 years. There are many people who

post on the Loss of an Adult Child thread of this website, where I would encourage

you to post, that are further along on this awful journey than you, and they might have

some better insight on that time-frame than I do.

My daughter, Sarah, died August 18, 2010 from leukemia. She was 29 years old.

I can only tell you how I feel at this particular time in my journey and it is this: NUMB

but still living, pretty much like you. I believe we go through the motions of living...

work, cook dinner, be with our other children if we have them, but there is a "hollowness"

there...like we're not fully present. My younger daughter, Jillian, (and my only other child)

found out on the eve of Sarah's birthday that she was pregnant with her first child. How

wonderful a blessing but there is still that underlying sadness over the death of her

sister and the knowledge that Sarah will not be here to help Jillian through it.

I pray that you find a little slice of peace in each day. As I said earlier, please come to

the Loss of an Adult Child thread of this website, no matter how old your Craig was,

and share him with us as you are able. We'd love to know more about him. I will

keep you in my prayers. Shelly

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