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Advice for my husband

Ann Flanders

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Ann Flanders


Any advice for husbands who give you trouble about visiting your dying brother.  First I flew up their for 6 days, back 10, and now I compromised and I am going back for 5 days.  If it was up to him I would not go back at all.  We have 2 teens.  They are difficult but everyone in this house expects me to wait on them hand and foot and I am sick and tired of it.  Everyone needs to grow up and take care of themselves instead of me having to do every single thing in this house.  My husband said we need you here to take care us.  What am I your slave.  What about my life not to mention doing the right thing.  Not to mention in all our married years we have never visited my family once.  We live near his dad.  Get this his dad told him I shouldn't go at all the first time.  There is no one else left in.my family to take care of him and he never married

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