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Today would have been my grandpas birthday

Chit chat

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I didn't get the chance to be close with my grandpa even though he lived a long life. My parents had issues with the family so I grew up more isolated from the rest of the family. This always made me sad. Since I was a child I really loved my grandpa. 

it just feels hard because I missed out. I knew this could happen but felt paralyzed to have my own relationship with my extended family. I worked on many issues that came with myself having a difficult childhood but I feel sad that I couldn't overcome my challenged completely in time for me to have more time with my grandpa. I loved him so much and yet he didnt get the chance to really know me or me to know him. 

Also due to family drama at the funeral, i feel disconnected from my extended family. I miss my cousins and am disappointed in multiple family members. I feel I have lost them too to some extent. And although I have a good ish relationship with my parents and sibling, they have disappointed me many times so I already had a lot of grief and loss with them. They wouldn't even know its my grandpas birthday today so I feel I have pretty much no one in the family I can speak to. 

These loses make losing my grandpa that much harder. 

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Dear Chit Chat,

Your feelings are understandable. It's hard in families when we don't feel connected and supported and close. It truly does add to our pain and sorrow when we lose a grandparent.

 I hope these websites can offer you additional support.

Grief in Common

Grief Share

Grief Healing  Blog

What's Your Grief

Thinking of you.

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