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wow I feel guilty!!


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I feel good today. I want to stop crying.. no crying today I prayed to god last nite to stop it all..and he answerd.I feel like she's flying around in rainbow creek...I feel better. And were getting anew dog soon. It seems like 14 years ago they were giving dogs away ,now you have to buy a mixed breed  unreal, Humans are so selfish ,I can understand breeders getting cash alot of work ,I do feel like im over the crying. But still think about her everyday and all day..ok love to you all.

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This might be of help to you...

I am so glad you're going for a new dog!  It never replaces your old one but they do create a new spot in your heart all their own.  Here's a picture of Arlie, who passed 1 1/2 years ago (Golden Retriever/Husky) and Kodie (Klee Kai), so totally different but both Husky.  I felt Arlie was perfect for me, I called him my soulmate in a dog, he was my companion for 10 1/2 years after losing my George and many, many pets.  

I hope you'll post a picture when you get one!  I tried one rescue and they wouldn't get back to me, for two weeks!  Said I had to drive to Portland by 6 am and get in line, first come first served, couldn't buy sight unseen, it's 3 1/2 hours trip one way!  They wanted $450 also a mixed breed.  Kodie goes fore $3,500 but my son found him for $800, I latched right onto that!  They're hard to find, usually you have to be on a waiting list for a year and then buy them sight unseen and fly them into your state, drive up to Portland to pick up from the airport.  This way he met the breeder, the mother & father & remaining sibling, saw their setup and they are great, they even got him on the puppy chow that was the best brand we found over the years (no gluten/filler).  

Arlie running free XS.jpg

Klee Kai Alaskan Nanook.jpg

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