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Wtf God


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My grandmother died on the 23rd of nov 2020 and my father died on the 14th of Jan 2021. That is less than a month apart. In early jan both my grandfather and dad caught Covid and I didn’t want to go back to school. I wanted to see them through their recovery. My mom, dad and aunts all insisted I go to school. So I went. I unpacked my bag in faith that I wouldn’t be travelling back home for a funeral. My cousins and I started fasting for healing in the middle of our fast, my father died. Worst part is I feel so damn bitter that my sisters got 4 more days with him (I left for school on the 10th) I felt as if God robbed me.


We prayed psalm 91 over my dad, but God still took him. My dad knew Gods name, but He chose not to protect him, not to save him. But somehow I’m expected to still bless Gods name???? Wtf God. What does Gods word even mean if when we stand on it with the most faith we’ve ever had, He doesn’t come through. How dare he take my father? How dare he take away my 4 days and give them to everyone else? How dare God. How am I even supposed to ever say I love God?



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The bodies we posses are just shells or clothes the souls are what matter. Remember that adam and eve had wanted more than paradise with the apple ?  . 

Satan said he was God in his egocentrism depite the reality and some disloyal angels follwed him. God casted them in earth.

Well along them he send adam and eve and said to everyone that viewed satan as god now lets see how satan will helpp you since he think he is god and you agreed.

Well bowing to satan as god is not just that perse is the greed for money is greed for rich life style crimes' and ect. Satan just lies he cannot do anythg for you in the end if he was god he would save you nor money can nor anything when your times comes you will understand that everything you know about this world and everything you have is a lie and satan lies to you but cannot do anything in the end, is the test that you need to pass dont take things for granted. This life is a test, god whipped everything of the brain of adam and eve  and us their kids and send us here. He gave people full  autonomy because the not robots. God want the people to do their thing and if they look for him in other world we will be appreciated. You may think they good people but death comes for everyone because like I said life is a test. This body of yours is just a shell and people forget it they are wrapped in their ego and everyday life and they forget death and why we send here. This is why dont get angry because is a test on you will you look down uppon him when you are in hard times? You are free to do what you want but ypou have to earn the paradise. Don't get discouraged death is a process nobody can escape it, you need to accept it. The sooner you acccept that death dosnet care for money or anything the faster you understand that this world is just a test. Be strong and don't let satan cloud your juddgment, for we as them one day will be gone so dont take things for granted and dont think that god has abandoned you.. Taking things for granted is what poison your mind and in your hard times when you your put into test you see the real you. This is why people say be strong life throws everything at you, the key is to accept it and deal with  the test, nothing in this world will last forever remember that... and dont take things for granted firts, and dont let satan and this material world get the best of you for in the end everything will end soon or latter and life is but a test. Take responsability and be strong and dont take things for granted first of all, and  second dont just pray to  god only when you need him... than forget. Thats  one part of the test. The other that you foget that you get for granted is life and you forget death. Death is a process that will come for everyone and you forget that. if you pray to god you do it for yourself for the next world, if you praying for this world you lying to yourself you self absorb in this world and forgett that death one day will come and you will be responsbaile for how you have behaved and handled the test. No one can escape it when your time comes it will just come its writen in the part of the test , your deeds and belief its what will  detreminate how you handle the test, if you let yourself lie about this world that death will never come than you never belived  in first place, you got self absorbed in this world and your ego and satan got the best of you.

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Believing in God, having faith, being a good person, etc doesn't mean nothing bad will happen to someone. Bad things happen to good people and "bad" people get away with a stunning amount of things. I get being angry about that and being angry (furious) with God...I have MANY times...but I don't think it's because God is making that happen directly. He's letting life be life. If He controlled everything, then it wouldn't really be life; it'd be like a puppeteer pulling our strings. A hollow, cheap imitation of life. I suspect He hates bad things happening to people at least as much as we do.

Life isn't some thing where we "perform" for God and get a reward like a dog doing a trick for a master...yknow, you do good, you get the reward, if not, you're punished (or at least don't get the reward). He doesn't want us to do good just because there's "something in it for us," we should do good for its own sake. If you help someone, or pray, or do whatever good, it shouldn't be because people will pat you on the back or you'll get a medal or money or some other payoff. It should be because it's the right thing to do.   

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