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Losing young sister in a freakish car accident


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Hi! I am Dalila, 29 years old. On July 28th 2020 I lost my sister aged 27 in a car crash. My another, youngest sister aged 21 was in the car as well but she survived without any major injuries. 

The day I recieved the phone call and was told what happened, my life changed and I knew nothing will ever be as it was for my family. I will never forget that day, each second of it. 

It has been almost half a year now since the tragic accident but I still can't really cope with living day by day and I find it very hard to do anything. 

Sometimes I still don't believe it is true. It is such difficult thing to accept. I do not see how people can move on after this. My family is devasted and just knowing that my youngest sister saw it all... Saw our sisters lifeless body and stood next to it for an hour until ambulance arrived,it breaks my heart. We were really close as all sisters are and having 3 of us was part of our identity. Thinking about our past life and all the memories it is so painful. Sometimes I think I can't ever go back to my childhood because thinking about it will be like stabbing knifes into my chests, remembering my sister following me everywhere. All the games we played, all the stupid things we did, all the fun times and all  hours spent drinking coffee on the terrace looking at our home city...I got on this website because I do not know how to cope with loss of my sister. I need any help I can get and I thought it is the best to talk to someone who felt this sort of pain. 

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Dear Dalila,

(((hugs))) I'm so sorry for your devastating loss of your beloved sister. It is unimaginable. It's so important to get additional supports during this sad and difficult time. I hope the following links will offer some help:


Grief in Common


Grief Healing Blog

What's Your Grief

Please know you're doing the best you can after such a painful loss. It's moment by moment, day by day. The intensity of the pain is understandable for the whole family. Don't be hard on yourself. I hope you are able to find a grief counsellor or therapist that will support you.

Sending all my thoughts and prayers



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