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My dad's gone


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On July 8th my mom found my dad unresponsive in bed. She couldn't get him to wake up and all he would do was moan. An ambulance was called and he went to the hospital. My mom and siblings went to the ER where they put them in a small waiting room. The doctor told them he had stopped breathing and needed to be intubated. They were running tests and Covid-19 would be one of them. They discovered he had double pneumonia but was negative for Covid-19. They allowed my mom and siblings to go see him before he was put into ICU. The ventilator was removed a few days later as he started breathing above the machine and did well on the breathing trial. During this time period one person per day was allowed to go see my dad only during certain hours of the day in normal ICU. We would find out later that when my youngest brother visited dad he told my brother that he didn't want to be put back on a ventilator.  On July 14th my mom had a visit with my dad and called me from the room via video so I could talk to him. I live in FL and they are in MS. The next day July15th my uncle was sick and tested positive for Covid-19 so then they found out my dad was also positive. That day my dad had trouble breathing again so he was intubated. At this point they moved him to a Covid-19 floor and no one could visit him. We were told on July 20th that he didn't pass his breathing trial to come off of the ventilator. Also on this day we were urged to make a decision about a DNR by the end of the day. We didn't give a decision and they were to do everything possible to save him. On July 21st they said he passed the breathing trial so they took the ventilator out without our knowledge. On July 24th at 2:00am CST he stopped breathing and had to intubated again. At this point they are bringing up a tracheotomy. We were able to video chat with my dad on July 27th but of course he couldn't speak only use his hands. He told us he didn't want the tracheotomy. We would struggle with this for a couple of weeks as we weren't ready to give up on him. The doctors were pushing for a decision. My mom became ill on August 2 with unrelated Covid-19 symptoms and was hospitalized. I flew up on August 6th and we decided to take dad off the ventilator. On August 8th we were all able to go in with full PPE but only for 30 minutes. We all got to hold his hands and tell him how much we loved him. He squeezed our hands and opened his eyes a few times. At 9:09 pm CST the ventilator was removed. He passed away at 10:50 pm CST. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through. I miss him dearly every day! 

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